Need Help Getting Rid of an Old Clunker?

Arrange for junk car removal services in the Hockley, Tomball & Cypress, TX areas

Tired of looking at that rusted wreck on your front lawn? Call us for junk car removal services. Rivas Towing & Transport has years of experience removing old, broken-down vehicles from residential and commercial properties in Hockley, Tomball, Cypress, TX and surroundings. We'll pick up your junk car and take it away to be scrapped or recycled.

Schedule junk car removal services today.

We'll get rid of the junk car that's giving your property a bad rep

You should call us for junk car removal services if:

  • An abandoned vehicle is taking up space in your parking lot
  • A junk car is bringing down your curb appeal and property value
  • Wildlife has made your old car their new home
  • You're no longer on speaking terms with your neighbors

Ready to get rid of your junk car? Call us at 832-964-5653 now to schedule junk car removal services.